Learn to Lindyhop and jive

Ian and Sheilagh Hartley want to spead the word! Jive and lindyhop can take over
your lives so beware. 
If you have lessons off Ian and Sheilagh your lives could be transformed forever.

No longer will you be a wallflower watching all the hepcats leap and longing to join in. From beginners to intermediate level we will teach you  to move to the music.

Private lessons are given at our Brooklands studio. These can be booked Monday to Friday afternoons and evenings and Sunday afternoons. Each two hour session is priced at £50 and we can accomodate up to 4 persons at each session. To arrange contact Ian on 0161 973 0529. See the events guide for other lesson schedules.

Come and join the swing. We'll give to pointers to what
music to buy and where the best gigs are.

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